Saturday, August 15, 2009

my plan for the uninsured and those willing to ask for help

As Jesus reportedly said, "the poor you will always have with you".

Health treatment and care is expensive. Excellent care is even more expensive, but in many cases it is priceless, kind of like life. No matter what system is adopted, the employed and able and the rich will pay for the health care costs for those who are unable.

They do not have to be forced.

If we are able to protect the system that has resulted in the most technologically advanced, ecologically considerate, and free people in the history of life on earth, then we will also continue to have rich people, lots of 'em, and under this meritocracy we have, most of these people will be the finest individuals to walk the earth.

Our system and evolution of our values and beliefs has resulted in the world's most charitable humans.

At present, in our country, no person is ever denied needed care, but it is often inefficiently provided under our economic system.

Everyone has a pre-existing medical condition of some kind.

And of course, thanks to Al Gore, we have the Interwebs. Social networking (used to be called communication) has evolved to a previously unimaginable level of efficiency and ease of use, The needs of our fellow man can be communicated in great detail to vast numbers of people of all levels of income, knowledge, and passion to be helpful.

This leads me to propose a method to deliver the means of solving health care dilemmas in a way that fits the ideals of limited government that have peacefully revolutionized the world. This method includes a highly secure, Internet based, communication network along the models of Facebook, MySpace, Linkedin, etc.

  1. Every person may create an individual health savings investment account (HSIA) that can grow through interest and capital gains tax free. This money may only be spent on legitimate medical expenses, safe and medically effective pharmacueticals, treatments and therapies prescribed by doctors.
  2. Every person may make tax deductible charitable donations to their own or any one else's HSIA in any amount.
  3. Private for profit health insurance companies may continue to deny coverage for treatment of pre-existing conditions. This will result in the most economical insurance premiums for everyone in a very fair way. The luck of the draw cannot be legislated away.
  4. Money in HSIA accounts may be spent on medical care for these un-insured conditions at the choice of the individual.
  5. Money in the HSIA may be used to pay premiums on any level of insurance policy desired.
  6. Every individual that is accepting donations must allow the donors to view his/her medical history and expense receipts.
  7. Within the individuals "page", individuals may present the life conditions that they face and with which they deal, along with appropriate evidence, so that donors may feel confident that they are not being scammed and their money is not better spent elsewhere.
  8. At an individual's passing from life, the charitable donations and the accrued interest and gain on those donations that remain in his/her's HSIA after reasonable funeral expenses become the property of a fund that the government uses to initialize and manage HSIA's for helpless people.
This plan is dedicated to the memory of the Honorable Jack Kemp.

It is my hope that persons more intelligent than myself will criticize at will so that together we can maybe make it work.


Eric R. Forbriger, P.E.

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